See Real Results With Personalized Prescriptions

If you want to start feeling like you’re making skincare progress, it’s time to ditch the underwhelming over-the-counter products. Docent goes beyond the typical personalized skincare routine with a comprehensive, prescription solution tailored for you by a dermatologist. The result: effective and accessible skincare solutions for all!


Docent has your Acne Covered

Docent’s multi-faceted solutions make every blackhead, pimple, and cyst a thing of the past. And, we tackle the resulting inflammatory pigmentation too. You can rest easy knowing all your skincare issues are being addressed.


Actual Expert Dermatologists, not “Dermatology Providers”

Behind every Docent bottle is a legit Dermatologist that’s working for you to determine which products will best address your skincare concerns, current regimen, and skin type. . Let us sort through the complexity.


Routines That Actually Change With Your Skin’s Progress

Docent keeps an eye on your ever-evolving skin to reassess the products you need at the moment. Can your other skincare brands do that? We’ll wait…


Send a “Shelfie” pic, Docent will fill in the gaps

Give them a sneak peek into your skincare stash so they can curate your prescriptions to complement—and let’s be real, elevate—your routine. This is a step that is often skipped in the doctor’s office, but allows Docent to share their expertise to keep your skin clear and beautiful!


Try it FREE for 30 Days, just pay for your expert evaluation!

There’s no excuse not to give Docent’s personalized skincare solutions a try. They’re so confident in their product that they’ll send you your first month free.

Ready to experience the power of personalized prescriptions? Start your skincare journey today!